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TJ Biology Olympiad meets in Room 22 every Friday during B block of 8th period, and after school on Fridays in Room 54 from about 4 - 6 PM. Join us for lectures during 8th period or practice after school! Throughout the year, TJ Biology Olympiad participates in the USA Biology Olympiad, the University of Toronto National Biology Competition, and the Clemson University Biology Merit Exam (subject to member interest). This year we will also be hosting our very own contest, the Biology Olympiad Winter Contest (BOWC).

Your 2016-2017 officers are:

  • Captains: Neeraj Prasad and Ashwin Srinivasan
  • Teaching Coordinators: Anish Karpurapu and Kavya Kopparapu
  • Treasurer: Min Kang
  • Webmaster: Lydia You

Teacher Sponsors: Dr. Locklear (8th period), Dr. Jones (after-school), Ms. Spoden (former after-school), Ms. Donahue (former after-school)

Questions? Suggestions? Want to be added to the TJ Biology Olympiad mailing list? Send an email to [email protected].

Biology Olympiad Winter Contest (BOWC)

The BOWC is a 30 question multiple-choice contest and will take place during 8th period on Friday, December 16th, 2016.

Topics covered on the BOWC will include all of the lectures that take place before the contest. Over winter break, the officers will grade the contests and post the results online. An answer key with explanations to all the questions will also be posted. There will be three divisions in the contest (currently taking or have already taken IBET, currently taking AP Bio, already taken AP Bio). The top two winners in each division will receive prizes.


The USA Biology Olympaid (USABO) selects talented students from around the country and prepares them for the International Biology Olympiad (IBO). The USABO is made up of three rounds:

Open Exam -- Anyone can take this exam. It is a 50-minute multiple choice exam and will be held during A and B block of an 8th period (you will be signed up for both). This year, the open exam will be held on February 17th, 2017 (tentative). 

Semifinal Exam -- USABO semifinalists take this exam. Semifinalist qualifications are usually the top 10% of scorers or about the top 500 people on the Open Exam. It is a 120-minute exam that has multiple choice, short answer, and essay questions. The semifinal exam will be held on either March 31st (tentative). 

Finals and Camp -- The top 20 scorers on the Semifinal Exam are eligible to go to USABO camp. Finalists prepare for the IBO and the final team is chosen to represent the USA at IBO. The national finalists will be posted on the USABO website by April 16th, 2014. The national finals are from May 31st to June 12th, 2014

For more information, see the USABO website at


The University of Toronto National Biology Competition (Toronto Exam) is a 75-minute exam with 50 multiple choice questions. The exam covers general high school biology. This year's Toronto Exam will be held on Thursday April 30, 2015.

For more information, see the University of Toronto website at


Students travel to Clemson University in South Carolina to take the Clemson University Biology Merit Exam (Clemson), a 40 multiple choice question exam. Participation in this event is subject to user interest and sponsor availability.

For more information, see the Clemson University website at

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Question of the Week

Which of the following breathe?

A. Homo Sapiens Sapiens

B. Homo Sapiens

C. Cnidaria

D. Homo

E. Sapiens

Question submitted by Neeraj Prasad

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