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Welcome to TJHSST Biology Olympiad! We meet Friday B Blocks in room 22 and Fridays after-school in room 54. Please create an account to have full access the site and associated resources. As a note, when opening links, we strongly recommend that you use the "Open link in a new tab" option. Contact us by sending an email to [email protected].

2018-2019 Syllabus

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You can create an account by clicking here.  You are welcome to use your TJHSST email address or your personal email address. Creating an account will open up member-only areas, such as lecture notes and practice tests.


9/17/18- Hey Bio-olympiaders! I'm Chris, your webmaster for this new Biology Olympiad Year. I along with other officers will be posting weekly updates here and on the Facebook group. Please make sure to create an account above to access weekly lectures, handouts, and other helpful resources. Stay tuned for more updated lectures and practice exams.

Captains: Eric Sun and Derrick Liang
Teaching Coordinators: Adele Peng and Eugene Lee
Treasurer: Edward Lue
Webmaster: Chris Jose

9/15/17 - Hey all! I'm Alex, your webmaster for the year. I along with the other officers will be posting updates in our Facebook group (refer to the right side of this page for the link). I wish you all the best of luck in your USABO endeavors this year - we have a great year ahead of us.

03/04/17 - Calling all bio-olympiaders! Please submit a question to be featured as Question of the Week! 


If we like your question you will get food (and glory)

02/21/17 - Feel like you failed the open? Or maybe confident that you got a 50? Either way, come eat your feelings next Friday, March 3rd B Block where we'll be having a TJBIO party. All are welcome! Bring food if you can.

12/4/16 - Baby, it's cold outside, and you know what that means! Join us for the annual TJ Biology Olympiad Winter Contest THIS FRIDAY B BLOCK (12/9)! It's a great way to test what you've learned so far and win prizes such as gift cards, baked goods, and candy! Participants will be divided up into three division, with one winner each division: IBET bio, AP bio, and post-AP bio. Signups open Wednesday (48 hour presign) so make sure to get a spot before space runs out!

9/30/16 - Welcome to a new year of Biology Olympiad! Important dates to keep in mind:

Friday, October 14th -- USABO student registration opens. Further instructions will be posted and emailed out as the date nears.

Friday 8th period, December 16th -- The annual TJ Bio Olympiad Winter Contest returns! Join us during 8th period to compete for a chance to win prizes.

4/25/15 - Hi Biologists! The Toronto Biology Competition is coming up. Here is a link to the full event details. Please read them carefully.

4/17/15 - Get ready for the University of Toronto Biology Competition on April 30th.

3/25/15 - That's right Olympiaders! The semifinal exam is two days away. Make sure to get a good night's sleep, and remember to brings pencils, erasers, and a four function calculator.

3/13/15 - Its Friday the 13th! And USABO Open exam results are out! Be sure to check the website for the scores.

2/8//15 - Registration for the University of Toronto National Biology Competition has started. The competition will take place on April 30th, 2015. This means you will be missing class to take the exam.

To register fill out this form:, and pay $7 to Tarun Kamath by February 27th. Registration will likely be limited to the first 75 people who pay. You can find Tarun at 8th period Biology Olympiad meeting or during lunch in front of the Neurobiology Lab in the research wing.

Be sure to bring exact change for the payment. Upon payment, you will also need to fill out a payment receipt. More information about the competition can be found at

1/16/15 (Edited 1-28-14) - USABO Open registration has opened! The exam will take place Wednesday A and B blocks February 11th, 2015. Make sure you are free both blocks before registering. 

To register, go to and click on the Student Registration button in the middle of the page. USABO registration ends February 2nd, 2015

IMPORTANT: Once you register on the USABO website, you will receive a User ID number (ex. 1150192207). Be sure to keep your User ID number in a place easily accessible place. 

Finally, we will need a headcount of all the people that would like to take the USABO to prepare logistical stuff. To take the USABO Open at TJ, you must fill out this form: . Please fill out the form above as soon as possible!

7/31/14 - Congratulations to Will Long for his stellar performance at the IBO, placing 5th out of 224 students! You can read more about it in a Washington Post article here. Thanks to George Liang for originally posting the link on our Facebook page

6/15/14 - Congratulations to our new set of officers! 

Captains: Peter Kim and Tiger Zhang
Teaching Coordinators: Andrew Huang and Jeffrey Liu
Treasurer: Tarun Kamath
Webmaster: Neeraj Prasad

On a side note, congratulations to William Long for earning a gold medal at USABO camp and advancing to the International Biology Olympiad. In addition, we'd like to thank Matthew Park and Lucy Chu for their contributions as TC and Captain respectively. 
This is Tiger Zhang, signing out as your webmaster for the 2013-2014 year. Have a wonderful summer!

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Which of the following breathe?

A. Homo Sapiens Sapiens

B. Homo Sapiens

C. Cnidaria

D. Homo

E. Sapiens

Question submitted by Neeraj Prasad

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